Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Inky and the Sprain

A nervous cartoonist named Hil
once inked with a quivering quill
His hand had the shakes
which led to mistakes
And also caused many a spill


Norm Knott said...

Spilled ink, the cartoonist's feared bane--
The cause of much angst and much pain
Do what you can do
Use duct tape or glue
But still it will spill once again

surlyh said...

When up against deadlines all night
one's work isn't always that tight
Right next to the ink
is coffee to drink--
Just sip from the cup on the right!

surlyh said...

Once rinsed a brush out at sunup
Then raised to my lips coffee cup
This Surliest Hack
will drink coffee black
But that was one brew I threw up