Friday, March 28, 2008

Widmark of Distinction

by Backthrow
Hollywood bureau

The great Richard Widmark has passed
What a character group he amassed!
His screen roles were hefty
"Skip", "Udo" and "Jefty"
In the movies, at least, he will last.


surly hack said...

Thanks, backthrow. It might sound like a trite cliche, but they really don't make them like Widmark anymore.

As Noir Of The Week says, "The last film noir giant is gone."

Anonymous said...

A Question of Acoustics

Whither Googie Withers I wonder?
How low can Hugh Marlowe go under?
Who thought Gene Tierney
Would need an attorney?
It wern't her dreams Dassin asunder

surly hack said...

Thanks for stopping by, anonymous. There are plenty more film limericks in store, so come back soon.

I recently watched the dvd of Night and The City and it contains some very interesting "extras". These include the British score and ending, as well as some background on Tierney being forced on Dassin and the film. Marlowe and Tierney's scenes are the one weak spot of a marvelous noir.

surly hack said...

Dave Kehr wrote a perceptive tribute to Widmark in the New York Times. Follow the link in his blog to the article, then go back to the blog for the comments there.