Monday, March 31, 2008

Pain Delay

Today’s the Cubs’ opening day
At Wrigley it echoes “Hey, hey!”
That old ballpark hosts
Far too many ghosts
Of hopes that were drowned in dismay


Norm Knott said...

It's opening day for baseball
And hope springs eternal for all
Cubs fans will cheer loud
Of their team they are proud
But Pride doesn't goeth to Fall

surly hack said...

No boos emanate from the throng
When Fans see Cubs' fortunes go wrong
At Wrigley, each Fall
There descends a pall
All sing Kurt Weill's September Song

surly hack said...

And so, a new season's begun
Though cold, who's for ol' ballpark fun?
With what tickets cost
Your wallet will frost
No hot dog for you, only bun