Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hitch Crock

Some critics still sit on the fence
They're split on the Hitch of Suspense
The nix his best bits
As lifted from Fritz,  
His scripts as unlikely events 

I once heard a writer boo-hiss
His masterpiece “logic amiss”
To fail to give in
To Vertigo’s spin
Takes a patient immune to film bliss

To fall for romantic film art
Requires implanting a hear
For that which we feel
Is equally real
As narrative strands pulled apart  


Anonymous said...

There once was a genius, rotund
Whose films folks were eager to fund
But then he made MARNIE
Most critics cried, "Blarney!"
His subsequent work they all shunned.

surly hack said...

That Marnie is odd and perverse
A Klepto hiding things in her purse
Alack and alas
Except for the gas
Torn Curtain was decidedly worse

The film, set amidst the Cold War
At best is luke warm, at worst bore
A Hitch-Herrmann bout
Bernard’s score was out
The two never spoke anymore

Thanks for playing!

Norm Knott said...

"No Country For Old Men" I did view
A movie to which I say P-U
Thought it'd never end
(It didn't, my friend)
Yet it still got a golden statue