Saturday, January 1, 2011

Parting Shot and a Beer

He reached for the eggs in the jar
and fell from his stool at the bar
A trifle confused
he lay there and mused
"I didn' have too fall to far."

Disrupting his nap on the floor
the bartender showed him the door
"Let go of my sleeve...
was goin' to leave...
I don' like the beds here no more."

With that, he bid all "Au revoir!"
but found that he couldn't get far
Tried drive and reverse,
then spouted a curse
The coppers had booted his car

Hope you all got home safe last night. It's 1/1/11--This one's for you! Ray Milland, Doris Dowling and Howard Da Sylva in Billy Wilder's Lost Weekend. Happy new year!

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