Sunday, July 30, 2017

Mind over Mattress

Our thoughts are a little like wishes
This couple both wish for hot dishes
If she only knew
What he had on view,
He'd soon be asleep with the fishes.

Can anyone help us identify these characters or the cartoon?


DBenson said...

I may well be totally wrong, but I'm thinking an illustration -- or part of one -- from the late 60s on. Between campy nostalgia and Robert Crumb, the rubber-hose style was popular for funny magazine illustrations, and there were artists who could do a very persuasive mock Fleischer (others would do a much looser evocation, sort of a neutered Crumb).

It feels less a cartoon gag than an illustration for a specific article. And the guy's Mickey Mouse snout is suspect.

surly hack said...

Thanks, Donald. That's certainly possible. Milton Knight came long a bit later, but he is one of the artists influenced by thirties cartoons that is still working.

Milton Knight said...

Thanks for thinking of me. It's a frame from a 1931 Fleischer "Screen Song", LITTLE ANNIE ROONEY.

surly hack said...

Milton, thanks for stopping by and clearing up the mystery!

DBenson said...

Grateful to be proven thoroughly wrong. A lot of surprisingly ambitious stuff in that toon.