Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Baseball Has Been Very Bad to Me

Meanwhile, over at Bardball, the site dedicated to "Reviving the art of baseball doggerel", a number of my limericks have been posted this season. They're written on various aspects of the game and business of baseball and its players: the game's impermanenceAlex Rodriguez and steroids, the slugging power of the Texas Rangers, the double-playballpark concessions, the ruinous modernization planned for quaint Wrigley Field, both here and here, and, co-written with LimerWrecks' own Jim Siergey, the rudeness of fans

But my pet peeve and perennial subject is the pathetic Chicago Cubs. My eternal pessimism about my home team takes the form of rants about spring training, the start of the season, their home-opener, their early and short-lived division lead and lack of relief pitching this year, and, always, their chronic ineptitude.

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