Thursday, January 12, 2012

So-So Evil

Ray of Death

From the gallows he ought to be strung
But this lad has a silvery tongue
He's all bad, with no heart
But a talent for art
Like his canvas, the cad should be hung.

David Cairns

Not So Hot Toddy

As a mission'ry lacking position
This cold fish hits the sack with faux "Titian"
Before you cry "criminy"
She slips you antimony
And you're finished and packed for perdition. 

David Cairns

So Evil My Love (Lewis Allen, 1948).  A great gaslight noir melodrama with Ray Milland as a failed artist and successful cad, luring missionary's widow Ann Todd to murder. Antimony is a metallic element used as a poison. -- David Cairns

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