Thursday, January 19, 2012

Once Bitten, Twice Shylock

Though his Shylock's a hook-nosed old geezer
He's a tried and true audience pleaser
When a critic was cruel
This Semitic old ghoul
Simply pried out his heart with a tweezer.

In Theater of Blood, Vincent Price plays an actor out, blood.


panavia999 said...

I love this series on Edward Lionheart! Can't wait to see a verse on Robert Morley and his poodles. If only I was clever enough with rhyme to submit one.
Scrolling through the labels section of the blog, Price has 183 labels! He is deservedly well loved here.
I recently watched Donald Wolfit as Svengali and in "The Pickwick Papers" and thought he would have been good as Lionheart. On the other hand, Wolfit's personality was probably an inspiration for the character.

surly hack said...

Thanks for the thumbs up. We don't get much feedback on this labor of love, and it's greatly appreciated. Or are you simply afraid of telling us what you really think, afraid of being critical? You know what we think of critics here, don't you? Bwa ha ha!

Haven't seen Wolfit as Svengali. I think that Theatre of Blood is the most interesting and richest of Price's series of films about wronged artist driven to vengeance. Making the artist an actor adds a layer of complexity, as it echoes Price's own role as a typecast ham in critically dismissed horror pictures.