Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Whack of Judgement

His diary's entries confessed
the crimes he must get off his chest
This magistrate met,
then severed Odette --
The maniacal gent is possessed

Vincent Price stars as Paris Magistrate and amateur sculptor Simon Cordier, in Diary of a Madman (Reginald de Borg, 1963). Loosely based on a Guy de Maupassant short story, this tale of demonic possession leaves its most potentially interesting idea undeveloped: As the evil entity takes over the magistrate it exposes him as a poor judge of character. Too bad the film didn't exploit this in a case before the court. Image source: Monster Movie Music. Our Vincentennial tribute to Price continues in the Countdown to October!


Arbogast said...

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surly hack said...

Thanks! Coming from the brains behind the brilliant blog Arbogast on Film, that's truly a compliment.