Sunday, October 23, 2011

Resurrectile Dysfunction

He survives being bopped on the head
And defies being shot full of lead
From his coffin and crypt
far too often he's skipped...                    
When he dies he's just not staying dead.

Murderous undertaker Vincent Price and reluctant assistant Peter Lorre find that Basil Rathbone won't say dead in The Comedy of Terrors (Jacques Tourneur, 1964). With Boris Karloff and Joe E. Brown (in his final film appearance). David Cairns came up with the title.  Image source: Doctor Macro;


Rusty said...

"Resurrectile Dysfunction" made me laugh. I'm enjoy the tributes to Vincent Price, a real "Thriller." Be well and rock on!

surly hack said...

Thanks, Rusty! We will.