Thursday, May 12, 2011

R.I.P. Dolores Fuller

As Barb she had problems with men,
who bothered her now and again
One eye on her sweater,
some guys tried to pet her--
Especially cross-dresser, Glen

Delores Fuller as Barbara and Ed Wood as Glen or Glenda (Ed Wood Jr., 1953). Fuller also appeared in one-time boyfriend Wood's Jail Bait and Bride of the Monster, as well as such films as It Happened One Night and The Blue Gardenia. A songwriter, Fuller wrote many songs for Elvis, and others were recorded by Nat Cole and Peggy Lee.


surly hack said...

Ed Wood took her out of the chorus
and would've got hitched to Dolores
I'd write one more verse
about Ed and her purse...
I should, but I've lost my thesaurus

Norm Knott said...

Ed Wood loved the lovely Dolores
but she thought his love was quite porous
He longed for her sweater
but really upset her
by asking to wear her clitoris

surly hack said...

I can't top that for perversity, but...

Ed Wood, to his girl, is confessing
It isn't her breast he's caressing
In her sweater, angora,
he'd sweat a lot more-a,
but please, could he get to cross-dressing?