Monday, March 7, 2011

Send in the Marine

The creepy aquarium scene
Just what do those sea creatures mean?
Symbolic? Poetic?
For certain kinetic
They move and envelop the screen

Welles, Hayworth visit the aquarium in The Lady From Shanghai (Orson Welles, 1948).


D Cairns said...

The appearance of creatures aquatic,
In a scene of romance so ecstatic,
Means Rita, though dishy,
Is also quite fishy,
Or maybe they're just enigmatic?

Welles' shark tale expresses thematic
Ideas that are soon made dramatic
For nature's aggression
Leads to the expression
Of a climax that's quite operatic.

surly hack said...

She looks a dish that's delicious
but something makes Orson suspicious
Though Welles wants to sleep
with Rita, down deep
he's worried he'd sleep with the fishes

D Cairns said...

You might think this dame's pretty neat
But beware, 'cause she's packing some heat
If you woo Mrs Bannister
Like spam in a canister
You'll end up no more than dead meat.

surly hack said...

By Rita he's pulled in the drink
and deep in the murk starts to sink
Then stuck in the muck
he's struck he's a schmuck
and something is starting to stink