Friday, August 6, 2010

It's Geek to Me

How low can a joe really sink?
Far lower than most folks would think
A geek will eat chicken
alive and still kickin'
There's no low too low for a drink

Tyrone Power runs down to the dark end of Nightmare Alley (Edmund Goulding, 1947). Photo source: DVD Beaver.


Norm Knott said...

I'm told that I did something jerky
(My memory's still a bit murky)
But while still kickin'
I bit head off chicken
For one single shot of Wild Turkey

Norm Knott said...

Oops. I should have reread your lim more carefully. I virtually used the same words as you in lines 3 & 4.
Sorry. I'm all out of ginko biloba.

surly hack said...

Your memory threw you a curve
With whiskey did you over serve?
With each passing drink
it's harder to think
and brain cells you need to conserve