Sunday, May 23, 2010

Double for Nothing

Twin sisters will give you the blues
Or drive you to drown in the booze
Date boyfriends in pairs
play musical chairs
till one takes a permanent snooze

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The former Nancy Drew grows up. Bonita Granville plays twins in The Guilty (John Reinhardt, 1947), a low-budget B based on a novelette by Cornell Woolrich. Here are links to two reviews of this noir murder mystery. The first is at Noir of the Week, the other a less than favorable comparison of film to story at Mystery File. Click the bottom poster to play a clip.


D Cairns said...

I wrote about this one here.

Identical girls, one is bad.
But how can an ID be had?
The vamp's negligee
Gives her badness away
While the good girl's more modestly clad.

surly hack said...

Brilliant, as always.