Monday, November 23, 2009

Noir City, Part 1

You've entered the city called Noir
You stumbled and fell, here you are
It's midnight and scary
and though you are wary
you'll leave in the trunk of a car

This is
Noir City, part 1 of 5.


Norm Knott said...

This last line is typed in black tar

Eddie said...

Hi Hilary,

Can I borrow this limerick, in slightly altered form, for my NOIR CITY film festival this month?

Done live, I think it's even more noir if the speaker moves from helpful to heinous in a single line:

Welcome to the city of Noir
You stumbled and fell, here you are
Though its midnight and scary
There's no need to be wary
You'll be safe in the trunk of this car

surly hack said...

Hey Eddie,

Please use the limerick anytime you'd like. I'd be honored. All I ask is that you sign your book for me at the next Noir City Chicago--I bought my copy last year after you'd left town.

And welcome to our humble blog
of which I am only a cog
Recite our rhymes noir
wherever you are
in Joseph H. Lewis-styled fog

Though a fog machine might interfere with the screening...

Eddie said...


I'll gladly sign your book and buy you a drink at that bar down the street from the Music Box.