Wednesday, September 9, 2009


On heath care the mirrors and smoke
are getting so thick you could choke
Conservative channels
cite scary "death panels"
and fires of ignorance stoke

The Right sells a pig in a poke
"Your right to your life, they'll revoke!"
"A bureaucrat chooses
who lives and who loses!"
Don't fix it--they like how it's broke


Norm Knott said...

My brain is as thick as a brick
The Death Squad will kill me when sick
To grow old will be
unlawful, you'll see,
Best load up on ammo right quick

---Faithful Fox Viewer

Norm Knott said...

Tea-baggers and Birthers parade
with Deathers and Racists they wade
in same pond of scum
incredibly dumb
When will they, from picture, just fade?

Norm Knott said...

They say it's the country they're savin'
but it's opposition they're cravin'
Whatever Dems think
The FOX folks cry "Pink!"
Obama's just Stalin, clean-shaven