Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Drive, She Said

A trucker hauls freight late at night
The daylight, it seems, is too bright
He speeds and he swerves
'round feminine curves
till one tries to frame him from spite

Ida Lupino is driven crazy by jealousy and steals the show
from George Raft, leggy Ann Sheridan and Humphrey Bogart
in the Raoul Walsh classic, They Drive By Night (1940).


Norm Knott said...

From all of the women that we know
There's few like Ms. Ida Lupino
A lovely young lass
who sure cooked with gas
but not the kind that needed Beano

surlyh said...

By night,hauling freight brothers drive
The radio plays jump and jive
They race against time
The roads are a crime
They're lucky they're both still alive

Norm Knott said...

A practical joke Raft had planned
(the humor, I don't understand)
Said George, with a grin
to co-star, sans limb,
"Hey, Bogie! Please give me a hand!"