Monday, October 13, 2008

Moo Goes There?

A cow, in the field, chews its cud
while dropping its pies with a thud
Squirts milk in a pail,
at flies, swings its tail,
just waiting around for a stud


TMALO70 said...

A Quarter to Twelve, And Nuthin' To Do,
But To Read A Clever Mix O’ Words, Written By You
With Each One I Read,
Grows My Envy and Greed,
But It's Late, So I Bid Thee a Fond Adieu

Hey Hilary,

It’s Tony, And I Just Love Comin’ Here to Read these LIMERWRECKS… Do You Mind if I Put a Link to Your Blog on Mine? Let Me Know…By the Way, that “Fear Agent” Header is Awesome…


Tony Maldonado

surly hack said...

Hey, Tony!

Please link away. Limericks--and Limerwecks--are for everyone.

TMALO70 said...


You've been "Link-A-Roni'd"...

See You at the Windy City Con Hilary...