Friday, October 3, 2008

Cubs vs. Dodgers NLDS Game 2

Last season when Cubbies were swept
it seemed that the team overslept
Now down 0 and 2,
is this déjà vu?
Post season the Cubs are inept


Norm Knott said...

Chicago, a great baseball town
Has both of its teams playoff bound
Alas and alack
They just cannot crack
The win column in the first round

surly hack said...

Their playing leaves fans with a frown
Less laughs than John Gacy's sick clown
No cheers, just boo-hoos
when both our teams lose
Chicago is feeling low down

Norm Knott said...

The Sox have joined the victory ranks
With great pitching from young John Danks
With joy their fans wept
They did not get swept
For small favors Sox fans give thanks