Sunday, December 24, 2023

Auld Lang 'Stein

The night before Christmas and lo,
the castle was buried in snow.
A monster was stirring
as engines were purring,
and lab machines started to glow.

A bearded guy carried a sack.
Not Santa, but Igor, hunch-back.
His bag, full of brains,
was covered with stains
from heads he had given a crack.

As lightning continued to build,
the doctor was tickled, then thrilled.
He said, "It's alive!"
(Just like Colin Clive)
and opened the bubbly he'd chilled.

But Doc, who had wanted a son,
soon found that his plans were undone.
For Igor, the cad
used a brain that was bad,
Though he and the monster had fun.

On Christmas, the cold castle air
was warmed by a torch's red glare.
The monster, when singed
became quite unhinged...
and hung Ig by the chimney with care.

Words and art © 2023 Hilary Barta; Color: Jason Millet

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