Friday, November 10, 2017

In Tent to Kill

At the circus they die with a splat!
From their perches up high they fall flat  
Hubby Dwight is quite jealous
And a mite overzealous
So berserk that he'll try on this hat!

Dwight Frye plays trapeze artist "Flandrin the Great" in Circus Queen Murder (Roy William Neill ; 1933), which the IMDb describes as "...a sordid tale of marital infidelity, murder, cruelty to animals, and cannibalism." Sounds like pre-Code to me. Title by well in-tent-ioned Donald B. Benson.


JamesFinnGarner said...

Can't go wrong with a star named Flandrin

surly hack said...

I have only seen stills and screen-grabs, but the film sounds like fun. It's the second film starring Adolf Menjou as New York Police Commissioner Thatcher Colt.