Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Thirties Rock

Screaming Fay has a date with an ape-brute
Smiling Kay's tempting fate, no escape-route
Busby's girls underdress
Just in pearls, or much less
And poor Mae gets a face full of grapefruit.

David Cairns

A passel of pre-Code prettys: Fay Wray flirts with King Kong (1933); gold-digger Kay Francis is one of the Girls About Town (1931) with Joel McCrea; moll Mae Clarke has breakfast with The Public Enemy (1931), James Cagney.


MarkBraun said...

Good one! And yes to explaining it all; like old Looney Tunes, some of the best pop culture education came from unlikely places.

These are a wealth of happy memories!

surly hack said...

What Manny Farber called "Termite Art".