Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Demon Runyon

No escape, 'cause that thing sticks like glue
Out of shape, it's the wringer I'm through
Start the hearse, I can't shake it
It's a curse! I can't break it
What's this paper that clings to my shoe?

Professional skeptic Dr. John Holden (Dana Andrews) is pursued by a ball of supernatural smoke in Night of the Demon aka Curse of the Demon (Jacques Tourneur; 1957).

After reading the above limerick, David Cairns sent me the following response, along with the revised limerick: Maurice Denham's line "It's in the trees, it's coming!" was made famous when sampled by Kate Bush for The Hounds of Love. (click on the link see the Kate Bush video, which features a sequence inspired by Demon

Smoky shape in the trees, coming through
No escape, this unease sticks like glue
Though I try, I can't shake it
Cursed am I, and can't break it
What's this paper that Beezlebub drew?

David Cairns

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