Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Jailbirds is Coming

He knew guilt and the fear of arrest
As his films all so clearly attest
Back when Alf was a lad
He was jailed by his dad,
And he built a career on the jest.

One of Hitchcock's favorite anecdotes was the one about his father, who, having caught young Alfred committing some minor offense, asked a policeman friend to lock him in a cell to teach him a lesson. We hope you have learned the lesson that the legacy of film needs to be preserved, and we ask that you consider making a donation to the National Film Preservation Foundation.

Credit for the clever title goes to con man David Cairns.


Tinky said...

Very nice indeed. I always wish I could have interviewed the father about the veracity of that anecdote........

surly hack said...

Tinky, what a great post on SHADOW OF A DOUBT. And it comes complete with a recipe!