Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Skin Visible Man

He prances around in the nude
Such antics must sound a bit lewd
But he stays out of sight
through the day and all night,
if perchance he encounters a prude

Vincent Price is heard but not seen in The Invisible Man Returns (Joe May, 1940), returning tonight to Svengoolie on Me-TV. That's Alan Napier (butler Alfred to TV's Batman) on the left in the lobby card--in which the more transparent than invisible man is clearly wearing a suit! What are they trying to do--ruin my gag? And thanks to disappearing D. Cairns for clearing up the title.


D Cairns said...

He prances around in the nude
In populous places - not good
Thank God he's unseen
Or it might be obscene
In any polite neighbourhood.

surly hack said...

David's limericks are always best when read with a Scottish lilt! Kinda like this one...

That Cairns is a kilt wearing dude.
Whenever he tilts he's half nude.
He touches his toes
and much is exposed,
including his stilt made of wood.