Thursday, June 23, 2011


Using magic trick cyclic devices
he decapitates, slices and dices
Taking center onstage
is a vengeance-fueled rage
And such madness is priceless when Price's

Vincent Price is The Mad Magician (John Brahm, 1954). Yes, that's Price, in yet another disguise, levitating Mary Murphy. Thanks to David Cairns for using his head on the title.


Kathleen said...

Abra-Cadaver has got to be one of my favorite words ever. I am already planning to go as Abra-Cadaver for Halloween!

surly hack said...

David Cairns suggested it, and I could have sworn I'd used it before. I hadn't, but it was out in the creative ether. No disrespect to David, but, according to a quick search on Wikipedia, that phrase has been used on The Simpson's, Tales From the Crypt, The Powerpuff Girls, and as a song title a couple times