Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Saturday Night FIFA


Fanatics from far away lands
wear costumes and chant from the stands
But 'merican fellas
don't blare vuvuzelas
or get why they can't use their hands

The vuvuzela is the plastic horn that's heard droning throughout soccer matches in South Africa. Apparently the sound is driving the French players crazy.

I must be un-American, because I've contracted World Cup fever. USA just beat Algeria in overtime, winning Group C, and advancing to the final 16. Meanwhile, North Korea is rumored to have hired Chinese actors to portray Korean fans at the Cup. You don't get intrigue like that at your so-called "World" Series. Thanks to Backthrow for the title.


Nate said...

I love the World cup too. I like seeing grace on a field rather than brutish hulks smashing into each other.

PS The French are looking for any excuse to explain the losses.

surly hack said...

I also love the "beautiful game". Even more than hockey does, soccer takes place in real time, giving the game a rare non-commercial integrity.

But there is also too much flopping and complaining about obvious fouls.