Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gas Who's Coming to Dinner

When we sit at the table to eat
we are hit with a whiff, sickly sweet
This vile scent medley
is silent but deadly
and emitted from father's big seat


A mister romanced his bambino
with seven course dinner and vino
Digesting legumes
there rose noxious fumes
And so, for dessert they had Beano

Surly Hack


Norm Knott said...

Proud, Mom clutched her hands to her heart
upon hearing the sound of Pop's fart
It swiggled and swooped
with essence of poop
Pop made passing gas a fine art

Norm Knott said...

Farts, Food and Romance.

Just in time for Valentine's Day....

surly hack said...

With that thought in mind...

He wanted to win a girls heart
Thought dinner & show a good start
But watching the movie
the vibe wasn't groovy
The tacos and beans made him fart

Norm Knott said...

To dinner went Myrna with Mel
The food did not sit with her well
She had to cut cheese
but did it with ease
because Mel had no sense of smell