Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Step Up to the Mike

Consider the hunk, Mike Mazurki
A chunk of the beefiest
Big lumbering lug
"type" cast as a thug
or lunkhead whose thinking was murky

Mazurki is featured in the great drug induced
nightmare sequence from
Murder, My Sweet
(44), which you can watch on TCM, here

Top: Mazurki as the Dick Tracy villain, 'Splitface'; Bottom:
As Moose Malloy, in Murder My Sweet, with Dick Powell.


lichanos said...


Great movie, great scene, but the drug-nightmare is not what you're showing in this still. This is their first encounter in the office.

surly hack said...

That's true. I was referring to the film clip of the drug sequence that was used at the TCM site, which I linked to.
I could have sworn that I used stills from the same sequence in a separate limerick posted elsewhere, but for the life of me I can't it.