Monday, April 20, 2009

Walter Brennan Embraces Islam

A Real McCoy talks with a limp
A fish by a buoy will stalk shrimp
The whirlish was derved
So butterflies swerved
With joy just to gawk at a blimp

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surly hack said...

When asked to "provide some sort of reference" to aid a reader's of his Walter Brennan limerick, Limerwrecks writer Norm Knott made this reply:

Y'see, Walter Brennan (from the 50s teevee show, "The Real McCoys") talks with a limp
and fish by a buoy will generally, but not always, stalk shrimp
The whirlish was derved is a fanciful reference to Whirling Dervish, a religious sect found in Turkey, which was Walter Brennan's favorite food (see how this is all connecting?)
Butterflies, known for their curiousness and appreciation of flight, move (swerve---a sort of partial whirl ---again---sense the connections?) from the path of a blimp that they gawk at with joy
The renown sandwich shoppe "Blimpies" began their business by serving shrimp sandwiches (I can sense that Aha! moment beginning to emerge in your mind---see how everything is all connected in a veneer of forced relationships? But doesn't dissecting things , except in Biology labs) tend to destroy the mystique, or in this case, mistake, of creativity?)
It's probably best to remember that, like Chinatown, it's Dada, Jake, it's Dada!