Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Cracked whiffle ball bat in the alley
A soup spoon with gravy in galley
The daybreak comes soon
Like howling baboon
The bed's filled with glass shards, so shall we?


surlyh said...

Excuse me for being so crass
I'll bet she's a fine piece of lass
She must be some girl
to give her a whirl
and sleep on a bed full of glass

Norm Knott said...

Oh yes, for a girl she's quite sharp
She's flexible like Twyla Tharp
But sex served on glass
Is not such a gas
When one ends up playing a harp

surlyh said...

Connection twixt pleasure and pain
is subject from which to refrain
They'll think you're a freak
if ever you speak
of kinks that have formed in your brain