Saturday, July 19, 2008

Nothing to Fear But Fear Agent Himself

Defending the Earth from attack
Heath Huston paid aliens back
He blew up their world--
The wrong one (he hurled)--
Now drinks like there's no coming back

While boozing it through IV drip
he zips across space on his ship
What's that? Smells of death...
oh wait, that's his breath.
As hero, Fear Agent's a pip!

Heath Huston is the FEAR AGENT,
created by Rick Remender and Tony Moore
and published by Dark Horse Comics.


Anonymous said...

Barta your drawings just rule.
You should post more of it.
Or at lead show us a link were we can by your comics.

surly hack said...

Thanks, Anonymous. I should post more. I will have a short Mask story with a very funny script by Evan online in MySpace Dark Horse Presents in the next month or so. I don't have a website, but if you click on the surly hack self-portrait on the right of the page you'll find some of my older work.