Sunday, May 25, 2008

McGraw and Order

by Backthrow
Hollywood Bureau

Three cheers for gruff Charles McGraw
Gravel-voiced and granite of jaw
He’s equally thrillin’
As hero or villain
At home on both sides of the law

"Narrow Margin": McGraw's on a train
His mission, some might think insane;
Moll witness protection,
Evading detection
From mobsters' guns, aimed at her brain

In "The Threat", Chuck's a bad one, quite raw
A cool glacier of crime that won't thaw
If you tangle with "Red"
You will soon end up dead
Then he'll give with a raspy guffaw


surly hack said...

A guy with an always lit fuse
Just cross him and you'd sing the blues
Face tougher than tough
And voice just as gruff
McGraw was a hard guy to lose

Unknown said...

Charlie wrote poetry while he idled away many hours in saloons.

He would have appreciated this limerick.

Alan K. Rode