Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring Has Sprung a Leak

First of the Year

by Hilary Barta

The besotted on Clark Street are searching
Dodging potholes they’re parking, then lurching
To watch Cubbies they swarm
Though a drubbing’s the norm
At the bottom those barkers are perching.

It's spring in Chicago, and that means my limericks turn to baseball, and that means the Cubs, and that ain't good. This and much, much more at Bardball.com, reviving the art of baseball doggerel.


Alibi Ike said...

Love the limericks, hate what the season puts you through.

surly hack said...

Thanks, Ike. Dopes spring eternal.

Anonymous said...

We sat in the bleachers expecting
to see some hardcore fans genuflecting
but our Easter day treat
just got mashed in defeat
under signs Ricketts' guys are erecting…

Love your LimerWrecks!!!

surly hack said...

Love it. Thanks for sharing, A. Nonamoose.