Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Writer's Blockhead

It's late in the day, want to dose
But still have a line to compose
My head's full enough
But all of it's fluff
Thank God I am not writing prose


Backthrow said...

Clear that junk from your eyes, and post-haste!
You just don't have one moment to waste!
Many fans are leap-frogging
To eye-ball your next blogging
If you fail, well, they'll mash you to paste!

Norm Knott said...

Hey, pal, there's no time to feel listless
The public is a fickle mistress
Your lines are awaited
With breath that is bated
So emerge from your little chrysalis

surlyh said...

It's hard to continue to doze
While reading the rot you compose
From sleep I awake
And do double-take
And never my eyes again close!

Norm Knott said...

Well, I never, I do declare
Been treated like this anywhere
Your words cause much pain
When we meet again
A new one for you I will tear!

surlyh said...

They say words won't break human bones
That harm will come from sticks and stones
But feelings are real
And jibes some guys feel
Especially guys like old crones

Norm Knott said...

I'll show you, you young whippersnapper
I'll teach you to open your yapper
I'll pound some respect
Straight down your neck
But first,I must go use the crapper

(damn prostate)