Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tall Doll

by Backthrow
Hollywood Bureau

Witness 50-foot Allison Hayes!
Through an HO-scale landscape she sways!
Her two-timing spouse
She'll squish, like a mouse
And his cheap juke-joint hangout she'll raze!


Norm Knott said...

She sure had a hard time of it
No chair for her where she could sit
No stylish clothes
And woe of all woes
No shoes anywhere that would fit

surlyh said...

If woman's a devil when scorned
What then is a giant gal horned?
Her fury and rath
Will cut a wide path
Just look--by torn clothes she's adorned!

A dish so big catches the eye
Tall gams that extend to the sky
Perspective like this
Of gorgeous, tall miss
Is wish of each height challenged guy