Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Purple Ruse of Joel Cairo

He's a charming, eccentric, film Jap
Seems a harmless, defenseless, young chap
But these "facts" are an act
To relax and distract
And disarmed, you're beat senseless, you sap!

Mr. Moto was created by author John. P. Marquand, and appeared in six novels by Marquand published between 1935 and 1957. From Wikipedia: "Mr. Moto, though capable of ruthlessness and deadly violence, appears to be a harmless eccentric. The main characters in these novels are Westerners who encounter Mr. Moto in the course of their own adventures in exotic lands and gradually come to realize what a formidable character he is."  Image: Peter Lorre in the first in the
Moto film series, Think Fast, Mr. Moto (Norman Foster; 1937).

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