Thursday, February 28, 2013

Peter, Panned

When beset by a horrible brute
Pete's upset, yet adorably cute
But so sweet that he's cloying
And completely annoying
We could settle the score with a boot.

Grandson of Frankenstein

This sequel is stunted and cursed
By a squealing wee runt who's the worst
His syrupy style
Raises serious bile
Let's agree they should punt him, headfirst.

Donnie Dunagan is Peter von Frankenstein, under the heel of Boris Karloff's monster in Son of Frankenstein (Rowland V. Lee - 1939). With a little help on the little whelp from David Cairns.

1 comment:

surly hack said...

This kid has plenty of competition for the most annoying child actor ever, but in the context of an otherwise moody horror movie he is just grating.