Friday, May 4, 2012

The End of the Road Show

At last Kimble's finally caught
The man with one arm he'd long sought  
Thus comes to a close
This summit of shows
Which perhaps took more time than it ought. 

Dr. Richard Kimble and the "one-armed man" (David Janssen and Bill Raisch) do battle in the final episodes of The Fugitive. Image source: Dvd Talk. Fate's huge hand is waving goodbye to Fugitive Fridays.


Robolly said...

I didn't see the last episode of THE FUGITIVE until quite recently. I always wondered if once Kimble cleared himself of the murder, the authorities slapped him in prison for all the cops he slugged over the five years.

surly hack said... Friday's Fugitive post addresses the final scene of the final show. The scene does imply an uneasy, awkward closure closure between Kimble and Gerard. As to the larger authorities...who knows?