Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Phil 'er Up

On the trail of the Brasher Doubloon
You're assailed by all manner of goon
Who dared to purloin
That rare golden coin?
Is that frail who looks smashing a loon?

You clutch her, get up in her grill
But your touching her just makes her ill
She plays it too cute
Plus she's crazy to boot
So much so, I'd update your will.

Rarely shown, The Brasher Doubloon is screening tonight at the Portage Theater in Chicago.
George Montgomery makes a hunky Philip Marlowe, with Nancy Guild in The Brasher Doubloon (John Brahm, 1947). Fred MacMurray, Victor Mature and Dana Andrews had all been considered for Marlowe in this adaptation of Raymond Chandler's The High Window (In fact, it's a remake of an earlier adaptation, Time to Kill). It's a shame Andrews didn't get the part. You'll find our earlier rhyme on the film, here.

Never fear, fright fans, our Vincentennial will resume on Saturday.

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