Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Glowing in Style

You'll pardon this surly old hack
as he pats himself hard on the back
His Limerwrecks scored
a Stylish Award
Why couldn't it land him a plaque?

Limerwrecks has been given a Stylish Blogger Award. We received this honor from Jacqueline T. Lynch of Another Old Movie Blog. Well, Jacqueline was the first to award us thusly. "Stylish", apparently, does not refer to wardrobe, as my budget and I are strictly thriftstore. The award was correctly given to our entire "contributing staff." A sort of "chain" award, the rules state that to accept the award we must list seven random facts about ourselves, and, in turn, pass it along to seven other deserving bloggers. And so...

Seven random facts about the Surly Hack:

1. Likes Twizzlers at the movies.
2. Worries that watching I Dream of Jeannie as a lad warped his expectations of relationships.
3. Never forwards chain letters, and yet is taking part in this exercise.
4. Watching Jacques Tourneur's films have made him even more superstitious than he already was.
5. He's quite terrible at grammar.
6. Started writing limericks after reading a comic book script by his friend Steve Sullivan.
7. Wrote his first limericks for a Simpsons Treehouse of Horror comic book.

The Surly Hack, continuing to refer to himself in the third person, chooses the Self-Styled Siren, his first and still favorite film blogger on Hollywood's golden age; he also honors Ferdy on Films, one the nicest and brightest people he's ever met--in or out of the blogosphere; and lastly, not leastly, Surly raises a glass of bubbly to the equally talented and personable Suzi Doll, author, teacher and blogger at TCM's Movie Morlocks.

Norm Knott cites the bloggers at The Third City for hard-boiled, par-boiled and soft-boiled prose done The Chicago Way; he pitches BardBall for the poetry of baseball captured poetically, but Surly thinks he loves it as a place to bash the Cubs.

David Cairns gets on the Love Train for the Tenebrous Empire, calling it "a lovely, weird, funny blog about trash cinema, euro-horror and exotic schlock. Sweet."; he gives a nod to Craig Keller of Masters of Cinema for running one of the smartest film blogs there is, Cinemasparagus.

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