Monday, January 10, 2011

Giant Filler

A giant from somewhere unknown
refused to let small me alone
--That's to say, my young thoughts
(which knew naught of 'ought's) --
each time that this turkey was shown

Mrs. Henry Windle Vail

Welcome to Childhood Chills at Limerwrecks, where we recall films that scared the pants off us when we were young--even though they may now seem harmless or ridiculous. Writer Mrs. Henry Windle Vail's childhood was haunted by the Giant From the Unknown (Richard E. Cunha, 1957), a no-budget monster movie from the director of She Demons and Missile to the Moon. The title character (with make-up created by Jack Pierce) is a giant Conquistador that is revived by lightning, and harasses a mountain town inhabited by Sally Forrest and Morris Ankrum. Watch a clip on Youtube, here.

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