Sunday, July 5, 2009

Gale Storm, R.I.P.

A moniker used to perform
the stage name supreme was Gale Storm
Gale acted and sang
without Sturm und Drang
Her only name rival, Rip Torn

Norm Knott

Above: In My Little Margie, with Charles Farrell; Below: With Dan Duryea in Underworld Story

Before starring as My Little Margie and in The Gale Storm Show on TV in the 1950s, actress and singer Gale Storm appeared in many films, including Foreign Agent (William Beaudine, 1942), Revenge of the Zombies (Steve Sekeley, 1943), Abandoned (Joseph H. Newman, 1948), Underworld Story (Cy Endfield, 1950), Between Midnight and Dawn (Gordon Douglas, 1950) and Walk a Crooked Mile (Gordon Douglas, 1948), in which she was the voice on a tape recorder.

Born "Josephine Cottle" in Texas, Storm won producer Jesse Lasky's "Gate-way to Hollywood" contest in 1939, also winning her famous stage name.

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