Monday, March 9, 2009

The Kong Of Kongs

Carl Denham assembled a team
to capture his mad movie dream
He needed a gal
who’s spunky, not frail
but most of all knew how to scream

The girl that he found was a pip
And so the crew left on a ship
They sailed, but where to?
But one thing they knew:
Ann Darrow looked good in a slip

The natives, when restless, would throng
and beat on a giant old gong
On island called Skull
it never was dull
whenever they called upon Kong

He’d wrestle with serpents and ‘saurs
and step on the natives by scores
But King Kong was lonely
and craved one thing only:
A girl that his huge heart adores

Then tied near the huge village gate
the natives had offered a mate
Kong liked what he saw
and so, in his paw
he took her on hot jungle date

Kong held her, but not so it hurt
Then sniffed her and peeled off her shirt
He ogled her features
and fought off strange creatures
but with him the blonde wouldn’t flirt

This master of all he surveyed
was conquered by one tiny maid
By beauty, enraptured
the big guy was captured
when felled by a gaseous grenade

Displayed, an attraction in chains
Broke free, started cracking up trains
With primitive power
he climbed up a tower
was shot by a squadron of planes

He fell and the firing ceased
a king of the jungle, deceased
It wasn’t a foe
that laid the ape low
A beauteous babe killed the beast

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