Monday, June 16, 2008

Rhyme Crime

Chief Wiggum, fat arm of the law
On donuts from Lard Lad would gnaw
Raised Ralphie, his child
As if in the wild
Suggesting parental faux paw

The Simpsons © & TM Twentieth Century
Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved.


DBC said...

wow, pun AND a limerick.
The double-lutz of rhyme crafting

surlyh said...

More like the double-klutz...the limerick being the lowest form of poetry, the pun the same for humor. How low can I go?

Norm Knott said...

In humor, the pun is the lowest
But those who say that are the slowest
In getting the gag
They zig but not zag
And giving it up, they then goest

surlyh said...

Well put, like a shot, Mr. Knott
Our ridicule critics all plot
They pick at the nits
And throw hissy fits
I wish the whole lot would just rot