Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Rectum For A Heavyweight

Young Tony Stark was a charmer
He built him a suit made of armor
His diet was high in
Bronze, cobalt and iron
His B.M.'s repelled a pig farmer


surlyh said...

As hero, none beats Iron Man
If one prefers man in a can
Without metal suit
His power is moot
Alone he'd be an also ran

Norm Knott said...

As Willie the Shake on Steinbeck Boulevard might have said, "Get thee to a cannery!"

surlyh said...

"Get thee to a cannery, go!"
Is said on ol' beanery row
Add pork and some spice
With lard cooks up nice
A meal that will back up and blow

Backthrow said...

So ol' buckethead raised a big stink;
Not hermetically-sealed as we think
He'd do all a big favor,
If he locked-in the flavor
'stead of driving the world past the brink...