Sunday, April 6, 2008

Where’s Yer Moses Now?

by Norm Knott, surlyh and Backthrow
Hollywood Bureau

So Charlton Heston has died
And gone on last chariot ride
Gadzooks and forsooth!
He didst speak the truth
His guns from his dead hands were pried

Chuck Heston, big star, epic flicks
Has died, fallen like ton of bricks
In deep baritone
Words chiseled in stone
He bellowed ten bible rubrics

Heston Peace

He's El Cid, Ben-Hur and Will Penny
From Dark City, Big Country, so many
Touch of Evil, Khartoum
Made Apes' Planet go "Boom!
"Who fills Heston's shoes: None, not any.

1 comment:

surlyh said...

Blue eyes and a booming deep voice
This hunk made the ladies rejoice
His manner, like Lord
By fans was adored
But not always critics’ first choice